Internship Wikispace
During internship I made a wikispace for my students to use. I made sure to keep my wiki up to date with some class notes, instructional videos, assignments, and answer keys. Students found this wikispace extremely useful. This is my first experience with making anything online. After taking ECMP 355 there are so many other things I would have done with this online tool.

Chemistry 20 Class Wikispace

Unit Plan Outline
Every teacher has their own way of developing unit plans for the course. The way that I have found works for me is shown below. This table helps me to ensure that I know how I plan to assess students learning and shows me where and when I am covering each outcome and indicator. The following is an example of the Atoms and Elements unit plan for Chemistry 20:
Unit Plan

Using POEs (Predict, Observe, Explain) in the Classroom
I invited two grade ten classrooms in to look at the students’ POEs. The students did not present their POE but instead guided those who visited their POE through the demonstration by stimulating deeper thinking. I tried to lead this as and inquiry project, although this project was not open inquiry. Here is a link to the outline I gave the students for their POE. This gives students, as well as teachers, a good idea of what a POE is all about:
POE Outline

Here is the rubric which I made in order to assess the students’ POEs:
POE Rubric

Examples and pictures of students’ work



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